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Promotional material works. Studies by the American Advertising Speciality Institute show that every second person has pens, bags, t-shirts, calendars or mugs at home with the logo of one company or another. These items are often in use for months – with calendars displaying the most longevity, followed by jackets, mugs, USB sticks and bags.

Professionals know about the power of promotional material and hone in on intelligent merchandising. The following examples show how mcs helps customers with clever brand management and saves up to 15 per cent of the costs along the way.

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Siemens AG – No task for the feint-hearted

With nine product groups in four product lines in 190 countries and permanent structural change, Siemens is an complex international technology company. All the Siemens offices and distribution channels around the world need promotional wares, print material, work-wear and equipment for trade fairs.

In total there used to be more than 500 suppliers busy with providing Siemens’ teams with the requisite marketing material. The results were not always perfect, since it is a complex job to deliver a stringent corporate identity and proper branding around the world: it is not a task for the feint-hearted. In the end Siemens’ management decided to hire mcs as a full service team for its marketing supply chain management.

Today, thanks to mcs’ software solution Siemens’ teams can access a single platform, to order creative merchandising material, promotional wares and give-aways. There they find printed material in store, such as brochures, folders and flyers or they can chose print-on-demand for prints in small annual editions.

This systems combines worldwide availability with the diligent service of people who command regional expertise as local service partners. Since everything gets handled on one single platform, the costs for processing have been reduced considerably. At the same time, the one-shop-model guarantees the highest level of quality worldwide.

And most importantly: without fail, Siemens’ corporate identity is managed and properly executed around the world.

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DuPont AG – To turn vision into reality

Corian®, also called acrylic stone, is appreciated by designers and architects as a flexible material of high quality and is used in many forms for building facades, interiors, for private and commercial spaces and also in the production of furniture. The corporation behind Corian® is DuPont AG, one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world.

mcs’ intelligent marketing supply chain management helps DuPont to supply the creatives in the worldwide construction industry with brochures, print material and product samples to make their visions become reality. The challenge is to target the specific support of sales at optimal costs at the point of sales with samples and print material.

mcs stores and distributes sales supporting material for three DuPont product collections – Corian®, Dupont Basic Surfaces and Montelli. That sounds easier than it is. Brochures exist in different editions for 27 product categories, available in 15 languages and have to arrive at the desired time at the chosen place in the right language. Corian® for example is available in 90 colours and two different formats, and every time a new colour is added, the entire marketing material needs to be adjusted and distributed anew.

To guarantee that, DuPont and mcs collaborate on the client’s shipping orders. Transparency and flexibility on both sides help to steer the production of samples and print materials in a timely fashion. mcs’ competency in logistics helps with planning the necessary stock, a weekly analysis of the collection and the partnership with suppliers keep all involved informed, helps steering production and such saves a lot of cost. mcs also reports back regularly on stock, shipping costs, incoming orders and client satisfaction. And in the end ideas turn into reality made by Corian®.

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AXA – Worldwide uniform, but still very individual!

AXA Deutschland is part of AXA Group, a worldwide leading insurer. In Germany, the corporation has 10 000 employees and 4700 independent insurance agents who sell two brands of insurance: AXA and DBV.

Via a customer-specific online platform, mcs provides 220 different promotional materials for both brands. Many goods can be individualised with the name and personal data of the local distributor or insurance agent. AXA’s internal staff as well as agents are such able to order their sometimes highly personalised promotional materials in a fast and precise manner – in about 1100 individual orders annually. The challenge for mcs remains to manage the often localised orders in small editions cost-efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of service.

AXA aims for quality – and such expects high quality merchandising materials. mcs guarantees this level of value: not only by sourcing first class wares for the best price, but also by strictly enforcing the standards of headquarters in regards to Corporate Design and Corporate Identity, especially when material gets adapted to the individual brands or local distributors. The outcome is always both: the depiction of the worldwide unique AXA brand as well as a personal and personalised gesture from the local regional team or insurance agency in proven AXA quality.

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Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH – A new coating for the brand

When a corporation is sold, new strategies, brands and products have to be introduced fast and convincingly after the deal to avoid any insecurities amongst customers, suppliers and employees. In 2012, when Du Pont’s spin-off DuPont Performance Coatings was sold to the North American Carlyle Group and was renamed as Axalta Coating Systems. This worldwide leading supplier of liquid and powder coatings produces and sells coating for the automotive industry and finishes for industrial purposes as well as coatings for interior designs.

With the change of ownership some brands such as Standox or Spies Hecker remained, others such as DuPont Refinish have been replaced. Now it is imperative to manage the Axalta brand globally in consideration of the needs of local markets and IT interfaces.

mcs accompanied this process and translated the positioning of the umbrella brand and the various product brands into several groups of promotional materials. 19 new product brands launched in 19 countries simultaneously with events and welcome kits for all customers internationally. The challenge was not only that speed was of the essence keep all customers informed about the future of the enterprise, but also to establish a working relationship with the American design agencies of Carlyle Group.

Today Axalta has 35 plants and 120 000 customers all over the world, 4000 of which are distributors. 45 training centres in several regions keep clients and distributors in the loop about all the innovations in regards to coatings. But when it comes to promotional material, Axalta only has one partner: mcs.